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It's a new season. It's a NEW DAY!

I'm busting into NOVEMBER with joy, peace and gratitude.

This year has been one of much growth and change. Being a wife, mother and entrepreneur has allowed me to mature (stretch), explore and launch in so many ways.

Today I pause to say "THANK YOU LORD for all you've done for me. If you never did anything else for me I KNOW that I'm blessed, wealthy and 'Positioned for PURPOSE'. For this I A.M. grateful."

There were many times in my life I could have died. There were many times I could have given up. BUT I'm here! #InsertPraiseDance

THIS YEAR I've....

- Become more bold about my faith in God

- Hit Year 11 - Married to my hubby

- Relaunched an online women's community (

- Survived a hit and run accident

- Made the most money in my businesses (as a full time entrepreneur - since I began 12 years ago)

- A. Payne's Designs has been making moves and expanding within and outside of Columbus

- Been able to spend time with my kids as a mom while having multiple consistent income streams

- Begin 2 Online Intensive programs to help PUSH women into their purposes

- Seen my son blossom as a Kindergartner (who just hit honor roll)

*** And the list goes on.... (all Glory to God)


I know who (and whose) I AM

I'm walking in my calling intentionally.

I'm creating impact.

I'm sharing love and encouragement.

I am partnering with God in every assignment as He shows me how.

I LOVE YOU FRIENDS... Happy November. I pray we all move forward by faith (with actions) as we close out 2023. Those looking to collab in 2024 #LetsGooooo (

God Bless you!


Photo credit: Angela Jackson Yousey

Wardrobe: Fillie489 /Aziza Velez


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