Why do people say "Marriage Takes Work?"

Before I got married in 2012 I recognized there wasn't a place to get insight on the "real" of marriage. As a single, I thought it would be wonderful to get the ins and outs of this life me and so many others desire. I set a goal to start a small group - but never did. I guess you can say life got in the way. I went to college, got married...etc.

Fast forward 10 years later, I finally took my idea to gather people together and started a private Facebook group named it "Marriage: Real Talk." Initially the goal was to gather the women solely (since we normally talk the most lol) but then men started coming and sharing. Since our start in 2020 we've had many conversations for singles, married, divorced, widowed.

My goal for Marriage Real Talk is that we can continue to support one another throughout our relationship journeys wherever they take us.

Why you should join Marriage: Real Talk

  • It's great to learn and share from one another

  • Singles, Married, Divorced, Widows are all welcome

  • It's great to get other perspectives on a matter

  • We are creating a safe reliable community

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