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School is in session. Wife Life 101 is an empirical guide for the woman who desires to be the best wife that she can be.


This guide is for wives to be, new brides, and even the established wives who desire to have a strong marriage. Wife Life 101 teaches women to use their feminine energy to set the foundation in their marital relationship. We’ve all heard the phrase “Happy wife, happy life”, the authors of Wife Life 101 subscribe to the motto “Happy spouse, happy house”. This guide focuses on how to create a happy house. The contributing authors collectively have over 50 years of marital experience, they are taking their experiences and lessons and using them to teach the next generations of wives.


If you desire to do your part to create a successful marriage, grab your notebook and have a seat...

It’s time to go to class. 


I've always desired to be an author.


In 2020, I had the privilege to become a co-author of Wife Life 101 along with 11 other married women. This book is full of wisdom for the singles, married, divorced or widowed. Order your personal copy, send one to a friend or buy several and start a small group! #sharingiscaring

How to purchase:


Via Amazon (click here)

Via me directly. (This is only for those in Columbus, Ohio). Please text 614.407.8887 to check availability. Payment by CashApp /  PayPal 



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