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Although there are hundreds of consumer goods brands in our country, the majority of the brands are owned and controlled by just a few mega-corporations?

These companies include:

  • Proctor & Gamble

  • Johnson & Johnson

  • S.C. Johnson & Johnson

  • Unilever

The trust we give "big brands" are passed from generation to generation even when a manufactuers products aren't effective and sometimes cause harm to our families, pets and environment. 

Family Using a Tablet
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Are you or someone you love having chronic health challenges?

- High Cholesterol 
- Diabetes 
- Joint issues
- Forgetfulness
- Hair loss
- Ezcema / Skin issues
- Asthma 

Seeking alternatives to doctor prescriptions? 


INVESTING in our family by buying safer, effective, affordable alternatives is important.


Over 2 years ago I partnered with a direct-to-consumer company that offers 400+ high-quality, sustainable, and effective products directly to your front door.


  • The manufacturer has been around for 35 years

  • Education and product relies on innovative scientific research and naturally derived ingredients

  • Company created products in the USA that outperforms the national "big brands".

Searching for answers and resources to make it through the pandemic? 

Please watch this short video and click below for more information.

Family Using a Tablet
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