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Do you know it's important to set your mindset EARLY in the morning?

For me...Life is better when I start my day with Good Morning Lord, moments of gratitude and end my day with Thank You Jesus!

Today I'm dropping this note to encourage you to set your mindset before your job, spouse, kids or ongoing newsfeed tries to direct and control it.

Ok say this with me:

"Today is going to be a GOOD DAY. Everything may not go my way, but I will focus on what IS good, pure and of a good report. GOOD things are going to happen to me today and all week long.
When my momentum, attitude or circumstances shift... I WILL remember it's just a moment and I CAN AND WILL get back on track.
* I will give myself grace this week. * I will reset my mindset this week. * I will rest my body this week.
This is the DAY the Lord has made and I WILL REJOICE and be glad in it."

Simply sharing what I know. Now.... LET'S THRIVE!


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