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My unexpected home birth during the 2020 pandemic!

Ever seen a movie of a woman giving birth and she's hysterical and super dramatic as her body begins to do it's own thing to bring forth new life? Welp, this was my situation the morning of November 28, 2020.

My daughter's due date was Dec. 7, 2020 but needless to say - she thought that was too far away. Here's what happened...

It was Saturday morning a little after 2a.m. I started having what I thought was continual Braxton Hicks (practice) contractions when I noticed my mucous plus came out after using the bathroom.

To ensure all was well I called OSU to speak with a mid-wife nurse. After a brief interrogation of what was happening the conversation ended. I decided to stay home because I didn't want to go to the hospital prematurely and be sent back home. My goal was to wait until "real contractions" began and head out to the hospital.

Me and my husband Cameron worked through the contractions but we were super tired...needless to say I stopped tracking the time in between contractions.

Time goes on. I later wake from a short nap with intense contractions. I tell my husband "Babe, I think we should get ready to go to the hospital." Minutes later my water breaks on my bedroom floor.

I screamed frantically! My husband calmed me down and walked me to our hallway bathroom.

Once in the bathroom the contractions which were moderate became extreme! At this point I'm now standing in the bathroom, watching myself in the mirror. I'm screaming and trying to mentally calm my mind and body. I am in unbelief of what's happening.

After a frequent flow of strong, painful contractions it became clear.... I'm not making it to the hospital! The baby is coming NOW!!!

I yell out the bathroom door "Call 911, Call 911" to my spouse who is now accompanied by my small son (who was awakened by my siren toned labor screams). For moments I stood in the bathroom trying to keep the baby in, trying to talk to my mind and control my body's constant thrust to push!

Within 10 minutes the paramedics arrived to assist me to the floor of my bathroom where I birthed baby Dream with just a few pushes. If you would have asked me how I expected to have my beautiful daughter....I would have never imagined it would be at home, on my bathroom floor in the middle of a worldwide pandemic!

The moral of the story is ....I learned the power of my own strength, that God is always with me and I CAN do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengths me.

This blog post belongs to Amber Mabry, visionary and graphic designer. Stay connected link up on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter. @AmberMabryThrives @APaynesDesigns


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