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The Weeds of Life #FlowerBedRevelations

Let’s talk about the weeds of life ....

Weeds come in our lives in the form of lies, defeat, fear, complacency, doubt, comparison, jealousy, arrogance, meanness, isolation, hatred, racism, low-level thinking, confusion, irritation, discord, division, discontentment, depression, unhappiness, dormant and anything else Satan tries to throw at us!

Weeds are powerless when we put on faith in Jesus...and put on joy, praise, love, forgiveness, patience, love, hope, courage, hospitality, wise counsel, new memories, self control, confidence, worship, love, grace, friendship, kindness, forgiveness, Christ Jesus, reconciliation and everything else Good from God!

Quick Note: When life throws us weeds we must stop ask ask “how and where is this rooted”?

(See how they roots are joint in picture)

Ask Is this an isolated root or is it connected to something/someone else? Lord help me and all my online friends unearth the weeded roots in our lives so we can bear much fruit in Jesus name, Amen ~


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