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Website Tips for Professionals


Hey Y'all! It's ya girl Amber... in my line of work I'm often supporting my clients with their personal + business brands. One thing is true... it's important to have a reputable online presence these days! Today I'd like to share a few of my most often shared website tips for professionals.... enjoy!
  1. Keep your website clean (no one likes junky or cluttered pages).

  2. Get to the point (most people only spend a handful of minutes searching or scrolling online. Say what you have to and catch their attention while you're at it).

  3. Make sure your website flows and the most important info can be found on your home page. Have you ever tried searching for a pair of matching socks? It's daunting! Just like searching through a 10 page website for a mission statement.

  4. Use white space. White space is the open (negative space) around text, images and other elements within a design. To help your reader flow through your website be sure to add proper white space. If unsure how to do this, it may be time for support. I can help! Contact me at

  5. Place call to actions (CTA) in easy to find locations such as on your navigation bar or by using buttons within your web page.

  6. Don’t tell it all. Keep the shared content simple. Save additional information for your direct client interactions.

  7. Stay relevant, updated and FRESH.

  8. Showcase fun and exciting energy through videos, photos or testimonials.

Remember your website is your online home... make sure it's welcoming and provides an enjoyable user experience.

This blog post belongs to Amber Mabry, visionary and graphic designer. Stay connected link up on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter. @AmberMabryThrives @APaynesDesigns


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