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When you GET KICKED out of your COMFORT zone!

Hit and run accident June 2023 left me tearful. Abruptly, I was kicked out of my 14 year old Toyota

This testimony and this message is for whoever needs it...

"GETTING KICKED out of your COMFORT ZONE does NOT feel good but IS NECESSARY FOR GROWTH. In the coming months I believe many will be KICKED out of their comfort zone so they can be positioned to grow in their faith and trust in God so they can LEVEL UP in their spiritual life, financial life, marriage life and business life."

Here's a little life example a time when I literally felt I got "KICKED OUT of COMFORT".

Last June I was involved in a hit and run accident while heading to a dentist appointment. Within moments of realizing I was sitting on the side of the road ALONE... I was shocked, upset and shook.... yet unharmed, conscious and thankful. (Thank God I had JUST dropped my kids off - they would have been in the back seat)

Days later I took the car to the body shop. Within minutes of review, the technician shared due to the structural damage on the bumper, the vehicle would cost more than it's worth meaning it would be deemed "totaled" by insurance. WHATTT!?!

I'm in shock again..... I NEVER thought this would happen. Being unlearned, I thought a "totaled car" meant a vehicle that's not operable. My car still worked great and was PAID OFF! Needless to say...

I was comfortable.
I was secure and cozy in my Toyota.
I didn't want to go car shopping!
I didn't want anything else no matter how shiny or techy...I wanted MY CAR !!!

As I left "Angel" at the body shop, I told my husband .... "I feel like I just got kicked out of MY CAR, I don't want another car, I WANT MY CAR" I cried and cried.

After reflecting... I realized why I cried. It wasn't the car but all the memories made ....I bought "Angel" right after college, dated my hubby and brought both my babies home from hospital in THIS car. AND it was paid off  I was content. I was COMFORTABLE.

Weeks later after shopping around I purchased a BMW. After the tears, a faith boost and new steps were made... that wouldn't have been if I stayed where I was comfortable.

In the process of getting "KICKED OUT of my comfort zone" I believe God used this experience to remind me that

- He is my protector

- He is my provider and network marketer (who always brings A. Payne's Designs new clients)

- He wants me to BELIEVE Him for MORE

- I should always EXPECT MORE

- Even as a Kindgom Brandbassador and small business owner, I should ride well !  

Friends.... may this short testimony catch you wherever you are and serve as a REMINDER to stay focused even if you get KICKED out of your comfort zone.

God is faithful... He IS USING EVERY experience to grow us up. Unlike the world...He's not as concerned with "how we feel" all the time. He wants his children to TRUST HIM with everything and MATURE. #StayEncouraged

James 1:4-8

Prov 3:5-6


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