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Opportunities await those who prepare.

Happy September! It's a great day to be ALIVE!

Today I want to share a few thoughts regarding opportunities.

Lately, my life has been full of new resources, connections and yessss OPPORTUNITIES.

From speaking engagements, new online friends and business clients I know I'm walking in the future I once prayed for.

Some people believe "good things come to those who wait" I believe opportunities appear when a person 1.) intentionally positions themself 2.) believes in their themself and 3.) takes action on their personal dreams and goals unapologetically.

Question: IF the thing you've been desiring shows up on your doorstep tomorrow are you ready for it? Have you been praying about it? Have you preparing your budget? Have you been getting organized? Have you written the game plan or blueprint? Do you have a strategy on how you'll maintain and leverage whatever "it" is?

Whether it's a new dog, a new shiny car, a brand new baby or a profitable business...Friends we must prepare ourselves for our "level up." When we are ready - opportunities appear. #expectMore #opportunitiesawait

This blog post belongs to Amber Mabry, visionary and graphic designer. Stay connected link up on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter. @AmberMabryThrives @APaynesDesigns


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